Unleash your power.

Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better, and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need to cleanse and clear negativity. Make no mistake about it, Sanse students are trained and initiated in the Mysteries to an extent that most traditions do not teach their initiates to be. 

Following initiation, meet your head spirit and guides.

We teach people how to create their own spiritual path. We believe every soul is unique. How we individually connect to the divine is to us varies greatly. As there are hundreds of thousands of deities, there are also hundreds of thousands of ways spirit reaches us.

Sanse is intended for those who need powerful and deep healing, clearing, or protection.

We offer ceremonies and celebrations as an antidote to many issues which arise from things such as a spiritual attack, physical, mental, or emotional imbalances, injury, or patterns a person needs help changing. Spirit work can heal and remove many problems a person faces in life. Our work as Sansistas is to be an ambassador for the good spirits to come through and cause harmony. This redirecting negativity through ceremonies, helps a person find their truth, faith, and path once again

Mesa Blanca ~ Mesa Espiritual

Monthly Event

$77.00 donation

A Misa is a collaboration of Spiritual Guides, mediums and participants. Within the Sanse tradition one of our central public ceremonies is a Misa, or Mesa Blanca. A Misa is a spiritual mass designed to allow the spirits to give messages and guidance to the public for progression and healing. They are usually held within someone’s home or in a small temple. they are non-denominational as the focus is to assist and support the community.

After Initiation Sanse Courses

First Level Sanse Espiritismo


Initiation is a three day ceremony that cleanses you, and resets your life path. In time people grow away from their original purpose and path. Initiation grants you a new beginning.

Second Level Sanse Espiritismo


Earth shattering breakthrough in spiritual mastery and personal empowerment.

How to Serve your Lwa


First course after initiation for understanding how to serve your personal head spirit. Mysteries unveiled.

7 Divisions of Sanse Espiritismo


Learn a comprehensive understanding of each of our seven divisions in Sanse Espiritismo.

Love and Relationships


How love and relationship are integral in our everyday lives and spiritual paths.

Spiritual Guides


Prerequisite for Coronation.

Inner Demons


Understand how the shadow side effects you through shamanic journeying into the depth of your subconscious.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

First, book your first reading with us to investigate if Sanse Espiritismo is the right path for you.

Is this new age?

Sanse Espiritismo is not New Age. We are a Shamanic ATR tradition from the Caribbean.

What is an ATR tradition?

African Traditional Religion. However our lineage originates from Portico and the  Dominican Republic.

Is Sanse Espiritismo for anyone?


What is Sanse Espiritismo?

A combination of Spiritism from Porto Rico, folkloric healing treatments from the native  Indians of the Caribbean and Dominican 21 Devisions.  

What are the steps to take?

First, have a consultation. Second, undergo teachings with us. Third, receive Sanse initiation. After initiation you can learn how to serve.  

I am already a healing practitioner, can this help me?

Most of our students are fluent in other traditions. This is a deep level of spiritual teachings. 

Is this for me?

When asking this question, the right path to take is to follow our three step  process. 1. Investigation reading. 2. Placement. 3. Teachings

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