I seem to embrace the qualities of the weeping willow tree. The weeping willow collects energy from the sun, storing it within its roots, remaining dormant like this for most of the year. Then, out of nowhere, the tree will fling all her energy into a massive growth, a spring of flowing limbs reaching tall, new heights in only a matter of weeks. I am truly this way, and for almost two years I have been gathering my energy in preparation for my next blossoming.

My dormancy is filled with letting go of old patterns, receiving guidance that comes at 3 am in the morning, deciphering messages from the spirits, training, working, and waiting. I dislike waiting, but it is in my nature to coil up in a den for some time as the alchemical brew for what will come next bubbles and churns.

As I uncoil and reach up the tree, my path forward rests safe and sound on the foundation of these roots called magic. Magic is and has always remained the truth behind everything I have manifested.

My spiritual family, you know who you are, have stood by me, waiting eagerly for me to come out of the den and reach upward in my shining. We are all here to shine. It is because of their dedication and light that I can reach high again. So today I am announcing that, after two years of careful preparation, we are opening the doors to a magical, spiritual environment in Half Moon Bay, California.

Only a few steps to La Siren on the Pacific Ocean, in a cul de sac hidden by industry and crossroads our new gem, our new community space resides. The Priestess Works Sanse Espiritismo Studio and Storefront will be opening to the public this Fall. Here is a tease of what is to come in this home for the People, Spirits, Mysteries, and Magic.