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Vodou Spiritism Helps People Live Empowered Lives

Vodou Spiritism is a nature-based tradition and spiritual practice that is designed to provide healing and empower people to live a happy life. 

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Psychic Reading

Receive the very best in psychic readings, expertise in the age-old practice of Vodou Spiritism, a clear path for resolving the situation you are in, and what to do next.

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Powerful ceremonies that include herbal remedies, rituals, magic, spell casting, and prayer to invoke serpentine energies in possession to affect positive change.

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Ancient secret recipes for real change. We offer body products, healing treatments, and magical items for every situation. Make your dreams a reality.

Welcome to Spiritual
Teachers voodoo

Welcome to Spiritual Teachers Voodooo, a sanctuary for spiritual healing, Voodoo Spiritism, Voodoo Botanica, and Misa Espiritual. Enjoy!

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spiritual healing Courses for Every Level of Experience

Spiritual discipline courses and exercises designed to attain proficiency in the wealth of Vodou Services. This vast undertaking opens the gates to the spirits who guide you. We offer a clear pathway for these education services through mentorship.

the beginner course

The Beginner Course

Attain self-realization through altar work, prayer, shamanic invocations, intuitive development, and practices in mediation. 

The Advanced Course

Attaining higher guidance from spirit guides. A comprehensive mythos of the spiritual planes as recognized by traditional Vodou secret societies. Initiatory archives.

The advanced course
Becoming a master course

Becoming a Master Course

Building a personal connection to the Lwa. Rituals and meditations for invoking and stabilizing illumination and enlightenment. Cosmology and Mythology. 

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Listen as we step into the captivating world of voodoo and discover the ancient wisdom and transformative experiences that await you at Spiritual Teachers Voodoo.


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Voodoo Spiritism
Introduction To Voodoo Spiritism
Fall Equinox
Fall Equinox

Learn To Be Consciously Happy

Learn to be consciously happy and empowered  by including ancient practices into your life 


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