Command your dreams.

Make your dreams a reality. Undergo one of the most fascinating experiences with traditional magical arts. These secret magical recipes have been handed down to us from the family lineage of Baron of the Cemetery. We offer real and effective magic that changes any situation into your favor. This is the hidden secret to why we help empower so many people.

We use our shamanic mediumship and trancing to employ the spirit realm.

Spirit work can heal and remove many problems a person faces in life. Our work as Sansistas is to be an ambassador for the good spirits to come through and cause harmony. This redirecting negativity through magic and ceremonies helps a person find their truth, faith, and path once again. 

About Priestess Shoshana

Recognized by Senior High Priest of the Sanse Religion. 

Priestess Shoshana has been Initiated as a Senior Priestess of the Sanse Tradition. Achieving Third Degree Initiation, the highest level of Initiation within the Tradition, in October 2015. Prior to that point, Priestess Shoshana has been training in the Tradition since 2011 and was initiated as 2nd Level High Priestess in August 2012. 

She has over ten thousand plus hours training in the Sanse Tradition and as a Priestess. 

She has assisted and led Ceremonies, Rituals and and has performed all of the duties to a Priestess of her degree.

Magical Products




Traditional candles are a first level of magic good for resolving love, money and work issues. They also can be used for helping to “create intentions”. After a consultation, we will prepare a fixed candle for you with herbs, oils and powers for your case. We will burn this for you, or you can have it sent out to you in the mail. If we send it to you, you will burn it on your own. If we do it for you, it will have more power behind the work.




A Lamp is second level magic, stronger then a candle. We burn the lamp for you because we must observe the lamp every three hours for the three days it is burning. You can have a three day lamp, or a six day lamp, or a nine day lamp. If your need exceeds nine days, we recommend a Magical Works package for you.



A Potion is a third level of magic. they are a body wash, magic bottle, or decoction. These are very effective. We make potions for you to use along with a prayer and service to the spirit that will help you with your case. They are sent to you in the mail along with directions for you to follow. Most people do well with them, but sometimes they forget a step or two. Doing the recommended directions will guarantee full potency.

Spiritual Work


This is beyond a third level of magic. In Spiritual work we use our shamanic, mediumship, and trancing to employ the spirit realm for the work. The focus of this work is to bring in positive spirits and guides as unhelpful ones are elevated or cleared. This may include resolving problems like mental and emotional difficulties, or unresolvable patterns and occurrences like hauntings. Travel may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my magic?

Book a session with us for we will look at your case and guide you forward.

What can I expect?

Exactly what we promise you in your initial consultation.

Does magic really work?


How can I know I am ordering the right magic for myself?

We will guide you to the right magical work for your situation in your initial consultation with us.

Can I do this on my own?


What is the difference between magic and intention?

Intention comes from your thoughts and focus. Magic is given by the Mystery and is much stronger.

Can I expect good results?


What are your credentials?

We are spiritual workers trained by the lineage of Barron of the Cemetery, an ancient family line of Brujas, Healers and Priests, Certified by the temple and family.

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