Use spiritual, emotional, and physical remedies for balance.

Today is the day to reset your life path. In this comprehensive first step onto your personal empowerment journey. You will receive one of the very best in psychic services, a clear path for resolving the situation you are in, and clarity on what to do next.

Do you know the value of being on your path?

Your most valuable asset is an accurate reading. At Spiritual Teachers Voodoo we exceed our clients expectations with accuracy and proven methods for helping our clients succeed. In our time together we will give you the ability to make informed decision in your life. In this private session your complex and life long problems get resolved. We always give you a plan of action to take and an opportunity to transform any situation immediately. – An amazing experience to have.


Heal your mind and understand your imbalances by booking a reading.

Your personal assessment will allow us to place you on a path that leads to the best health, love and self-empowerment for you.

Medical Intuitive Reading

120 Minute Reading


A medical intuitive reading is a comprehensive “scan” of each system in your physical body. In this 120 min. we will evaluate the causes of imbalances you are experiencing. Referrals will be given for your healing process. Priestess Shoshana will let you know what work she offers that will help you. She is a women’s health specialist, trained nutritionist, certified herbalist, certified in anatomy and physiology, and a Caribbean folkloric medicine worker.

Psychic Readings

20 Minute Reading


In a 20 min. reading with Priestess Shoshana, you will receive an introductory understanding of the causes and influences on you for a specific issue. You will be given information to help you clear any negativity influencing you. Priestess Shoshana will let you know what work she offers that will be best for you going forward.

60 Minute Reading


In a 60 min. reading, you will have all your questions answered by a professional psychic. You will get the information you seek, and you will be given a clear path for positive change. Priestess Shoshana provides stable results and will let you know what work she offers that will be best for you going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been everywhere with no results, how do I know you can help me?

Our heart goes out to you. Healing is needed. Our work is to create miracles every day for people in need.

How is this different than natural medicine?

We work on your soul by drawing supreme spirits that influence your being. Medicinals assist.

How does a healing work?

Each healing differs from one person to the next. In general we will give you a
consultation sessions by phone. Often we also give you a half day treatment usually done in

What should I do first?

Order an initial consultation session.

Can I work with other healers at the same time?

We will let you know if this is good for you in your first consultation.

Are there contraindications with a treatment?

Yes, they differ from person to person. We will let you know what they are for you.

How long are the sessions?

Typically one hour for a healing session. Three to five hours for a treatment.

Do I need to believe in this for it to work?


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