Use spiritual, emotional, and physical remedies for balance.

We use spiritual, emotional and physical remedies for balance and healing. This opens the natural channels for health by removing blockages physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing sessions are very powerful and require time afterwards for relaxation and integration.

Open the natural channels for health by receiving a intuitive healing session.

The reason why we have such a positive influence on the quality of your life is we work from a spiritual perspective that provides self care, and spiritual enlightenment as a way of life through healing work.

Offered in a series of ten sessions.

Heal your mind and understand your imbalances by booking a reading.

Your most valuable asset is an accurate reading. At Spiritual Teachers Voodoo we exceed our client’s expectations with accuracy and proven methods for helping our clients succeed. 

Healing Sessions

10 Week Series


In these ten weeks you will be given hands on healing or distance healing. You will receive treatments that fix most physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. 
Because we work as a tribe of spiritual workers, you will also be give meditations and some magical teaching that assist you in your healing process. 
Priestess Shoshana has worked as a shamanic healer since her childhood, she gives each person their own treatment path depending on their needs. 
We know healing takes time to unfold, so the best way to undergo a physical, emotional or mental shift is with a ten week process minimum. 

What you will receive

Each client is unique and so are our treatment plans. Some people will want to come into the Temple for further healing work not included in this package. 

A psychic intuitive medical reading

A healing plan created for you

Emotional balancing

Removing of entities

Mental balancing

Guided healing session and meditation

Physical preparation for removal


Preparation work for cleansing


Frequently Asked Questions

I have been everywhere with no results, how do I know you can help me?

Our heart goes out to you. Healing is needed. Our work is to create miracles every day for people in need.

How is this different than natural medicine?

We work on your soul by drawing supreme spirits that influence your being. Medicinals assist.

How does a healing work?

Each healing differs from one person to the next. In general we will give you a consultation session by phone. Often we also give you a half day treatment usually done in person.

What should I do first?

Order an initial consultation session.

Can I work with other healers at the same time?

We will let you know if this is good for you in your first consultation.

Are there contraindications with a treatment?

Yes, they differ from person to person. We will let you know what they are for you.

How long are the sessions?

Typically one hour for a healing session. Three to five hours for a treatment.

Do I need to believe in this for it to work?


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