Classes and Services



Hear the truth.

Your most valuable asset is an accurate reading. At Spiritual Teachers Voodoo we exceed our client’s expectations with accuracy and proven methods for helping our clients succeed. 


Use spiritual, emotional, and physical remedies for balance.

We use spiritual, emotional and physical remedies for balance and healing. This opens the natural channels for health by removing blockages physically, mentally and emotionally. Healing sessions are very powerful and require time afterwards for relaxation and integration.


Command your dreams.

Make your dreams a reality. Undergo one of the most fascinating experiences with traditional magical arts. These secret magical recipes have been handed down to us from the family lineage of Baron of the Cemetery. We offer real and effective magic that changes any situation into your favor. This is the hidden secret to why we help empower so many people.


Spiritual Teachers

Your spiritual journey starts here.

In the beginning we are whole, as time goes by we lose parts of our true nature as success and commitments rise. We meet each day giving in to the contracts of society rather than nature. Today we find it more difficult to center ourselves on our personal natural laws and values. These classes are for you to become more of who you are meant to be as you live a connected life as a whole person. 



Reset your life path.


Meet your head spirit and learn how to serve your mysteries. Initiation is designed for you to accomplish a life altering elevation. Understand why your gifts are given to you and undergo the most challenging and life altering ceremonies that will lead you back home.


Unleash your power.

Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better, and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need to cleanse and clear negativity. Make no mistake about it, Sanse students are trained and initiated in the Mysteries to an extent that most traditions do not teach their initiates to be. 

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