Reset your life path.

Meet your head spirit and learn how to serve your mysteries. Initiation is designed for you to accomplish a life altering elevation. Understand why your gifts are given to you and undergo the most challenging and life altering ceremonies that will lead you back home.

Join us as we guide you in finding power, peace, and enlightenment as the ancients once underwent.

Tie together the tattered peaces of miss information about spiritual work and who you are. Together we walk hand in hand to develop new ways of keeping our traditions alive. We, as spirit workers from the Caribbean and ATR tribe are proud to build bridges in our community and bring you into the Sanse Teachings.

Shoshana Des Chenes

Initiation is a triumph of the human spirit.

We come together for you to undergo one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences of your life time. Our ceremonies start you on a new spiritual path. They open up your natural gifts, reset your life path, and elevate your journey. Initiations are enjoyed by skilled practitioners and beginning students.

Initiation into Sanse Espiritismo


Initiation is a three day ceremony that cleanses you, and resets your life path. In time people grow away from their original purpose and path. Initiation grants you a new beginning. 



Freedom from negativity
Enhanced personal power
Clarity on your future
A meeting with your head spirit
Invitation to further study Sanse Espiritismo

What Initiation is Like

The Sanse initiation will be provided to you in a three day process. This process begins after you have learned the traditional first level teaching of this magical and shamanic path of Sanse. 

Day 1


We work with you to prepare you for your ceremony. This includes prayers, taboos and personal work regarding your ceremony.

Day 2


In this powerful ceremony we call on the purification treatments for building light inside of you and guiding you into a shamanic journey that resets your life path. This is a safe and peaceful reconnection with yourself as we work to remove blockages, enhance positive flow in your life, and reconnect you with your original purpose. 

Day 3

Meet your Head Spirit

Everyone has spiritual guides, some are closer and some have grown more distant. In Sanse, we invite your head spirit to come and bond with you. This bond provides the opportunity for you to be personally guided by your original Mystery. 
A Mystery has the supernatural power to know where you are going and to help heal you from negative choices that may have left you on your own. 
On this day we unite your Deity with you as you are gifted with the immense opportunity to start direct communication with them. You will be given prayers and peaceful introspection work guided by us that sanctifies and allows this beautiful spirit to come through. 

After Initiation

Now you will begin your Sanse Espiritismo alter at your own home. This is an alter devoted to your head spirit. She or He will have the profound opportunity to make changes in your life by the work we give you to perform at your alter. This includes prayers, sacred waters, secret recipes and meditations. In this New Cours After Initiation, each person learns ways of serving their LWA. 
Lwa is the Mystery who best guides you. Our alters are beautiful and filled with flowers and aromatic recipes directly used by the LWA for thousands of years. Their power is real and working is sweet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is initiation?

Initiation of your inner light. Initiation on to the spiritual path of Sanse. Initiation opens
your gifts, protects you and gives you a spiritual home.

Is initiation right for me?

Not everyone is right for Initiation. How you will know is by receiving an Investigation

What happens in the process?

First you will learn some basics practices with us. We will schedule your Initiation
weekend in advance. After Initiation you will continue to learn how to serve your Lwa / Mysteries.

How do I get started?

By booking your initial investigation session with us.

I am already initiated in another tradition, can I still initiate with you?

Yes, however it depends on your other traditions.

Will this protect me?


How much does it cost?

$3000. This price includes your Initiation weekend, supplies, 10 weeks of classes and
10 coaching calls. An amazingly affordable package.

What is a Godparent?

Someone who keeps a spiritual home. They help you develop, they are a keeper of the Sacred Mysteries. They mount the Mystery for others and watch over you in times of need.
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