10 Passages to Will

2nd Year

Weekend Training Modules

Enjoy any Module in any order and go at your own pace.
Learn one step at a time and download your free class today.

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  • First Weekend  – Coaching by Element / Sanse 101

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  • Second Weekend – How the Spirit Realm Works

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  • Third Weekend – Advanced Divination

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  • Fourth Weekend – Espiritismo Coronation

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What you will learn in your Spirit Work curriculum

  • Build your power and business
  • Breakthrough client blocks
  • Mediumship skills that develop your personal gifts
  • How to read any situation
  • Secrets of divination that lead to success
  • How to support your clients success for real

    It is not every day a path to deepen your consciousness presents itself. Paths are found by way of dark and windy roads, usually less traveled. Sometimes it takes a torch to unveil the roads less traveled, and a guide to illuminate the way. Together we stand in the crossroads showing light from shadow, truth from falsehood and greatness from mediocrity.

    If you have traveled these roads and are looking for guidance from a wise council, you are invited to share this amazing year of mystery in a mediumship coaching program.


Papa Hector Salva of Salva Spiritual Supplies

Priestess Shoshana of Priestess Works LLC



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