A Warrior

In our tradition we battle. Life is not a simple exchange of energies. It is calculated. With each interaction, we choose to balance the natural forces for the evolution at hand. This calculation requires a complete awareness of all the natural spirits that comprise our spiritual frame, whether we like those spirits or not.

We cannot choose our spirits, they have already chosen us. It is our great work to balance them, including the waring spirits. If we deny this nature, it becomes intertwined with our karma and influences our life in a volatile manner. The only way to manage peace is to allow these spirits their will to battle.

Because our greatest wounds are protected by this energy, every time you come into contact with your most powerful waring spirits, it will seem like you are unleashing negativity. This negativity, though, is the very energy that would have protected you as a child. But, now this energy sits silently standing guard over these wounds. This is what we call unexalted energy.

Every person in adulthood needs to allow this power to come forth and move it from protecting the childhood wounds into a new formed expression. If not, the adult acts like a wounded child with a powerful under-evolved waring force protecting the wound.

The most powerful pain inside a human is guarded by this force. To move this energy requires you heal these wounds. Then except the warrior spirits you have. These spirits combined with healing will move your life forward. They will burst forward and clear all hidden blocks. They will open your heart and free your mind, unleashing free will, empowerment and wisdom. They are a guiding protection force no spiritual leader can be without.

Warrior energy is tempered through directing it towards your goals, your passions and your truths. This energy can be exalted, and when it is, no one can ever wound you. You will be protected, successful and passionate.

Shoshana Des Chenes, Healer Psychic Spiritualist

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