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My Events

Spiritual Teachers Voodoo Events and workshops

Welcome to My Events and Workshops. Step into the sacred realm of our Temple, where each day reveals a tapestry of spiritual gatherings, enlightening workshops, and transformative rituals awaiting your exploration and participation.

My Events and Workshops


spiritual healing Courses for Every Level of Experience

Spiritual discipline courses and exercises designed to attain proficiency in the wealth of Vodou Services. This vast undertaking opens the gates to the spirits who guide you. We offer a clear pathway for these education services through mentorship.

the beginner course

The Beginner

Attain self realization through altar work, prayer, shamanic invocations, intuitive development, and practices in mediation.

The advanced course

The Advanced Course​

Attaining higher guidance from spirit guides. A comprehensive mythos of the spiritual planes as recognized by traditional Vodou secret societies. Initiatory archives.

Becoming a master course

Becoming a Master Course

Building a personal connection to the Lwa. Rituals and meditations for invoking and stabilizing illumination and enlightenment. Cosmology and Mythology.