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about us here at temple de la luna

Welcome to About Us and discover the heart and soul behind Spiritual Teachers Voodoo. 

We are a growing urban sanctuary garden with healing herbs. We offer a monthly community gathering in the garden known as Misa Espiritual. Our shop is filled with thousands of sacred items for us to use in preparing handmade treatments and magic for our clients. We are recognized as a traditional spiritism house, with medium development courses, psychic readings, and quarterly public ceremonies.

Priestess, mambo Shoshana, medium
Meet the priestess

Mambo Shoshana Des Chenes

“I believe every soul is unique. How we individually connect to the divine and what the divine is to us varies greatly. As there are hundreds of thousands of deities, there are also hundreds of thousands of ways spirit reaches us. I believe the knowledge people seek is within themselves. With an understanding of how to tap into this energy, purpose can be cultivated from raw power into a refined art.”
With power, beauty, and abundance
Priestess Shoshana
CEO of Spiritual Teachers Voodoo and Temple de la Luna, Spirit Worker, Instructor, Psychic, Healer, Herbalist, Author

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About Us
Priestess shoshana

Priestess Shoshana is the leader of Spiritual Teachers Voodoo and the founder of Voodoo Spiritism. As a Spirit Worker, High Priestess, healer, and temple director, her mission is to keep spirituality alive and real for the future. 

Priestess Shoshana practices an ancient form of Vodou connected with the Taíno people of the Caribbean Isles. She teaches people how to speak with spirits. She is a master channel and intuitive, having dedicated her life to the connection of spirit and person, purpose and living, healing and manifestation. For more than 20 years, she’s helped people heal, manifest, and connect to the deepest parts of themselves.

From a very young age, Shoshana immersed herself in the mysteries of the Kabbala, herbal medicine and healing, the Tarot, energy work, physiology, spirituality, and world faith systems. She has worked extensively with shamans and curanderas. 

Shoshana is a graduate of the prestigious Southwestern School of Botanical Medicine. Most proudly, she is a High Priestess Initiate of the Sanse tradition where she studied directly under spiritual worker of the lineage of Baron Del Cementario, a rare position only attained through invitation.

Spirit Worker

Shoshana is a spirit worker and certified Master Intuitive with a successful practice performing psychic readings, spirit medicine, and counseling. Her work as a medical intuitive and psychic has helped thousands of people understand their lives better.

Having channeled her most powerful works while maintaining a thorough understanding of modern healing modalities and psychology, Shoshana is also well-versed in the ontological transformational movement. Known as “the practice of being”, Shoshana has thousands of hours of training and experience coaching individuals and leading transformational work.

Shoshana was proudly awarded a certificate of recognition by a member of Congress during Women’s History Month for her contribution in “Moving history forward for women.”

Personal Spirit Journey

Raised as a Buddhist in the small town mountains of New Mexico nestled in with the pinon and cactus was a small home built of love. Chickens ran with the dogs and the cats with the birds, nature was my first friend. Acquiring a liking for the tribal influence in food, art, and customs, I requested to be sent to school with Shamans. Shortly after receiving my first initial sessions, I was told I could learn to dream walk. After a year of nightly meditations, I was able to control my dreams. During this time I met spirits that taught me along the way. I was initiated into hands-on healing at the age of nine. 

Taken to the woods to learn survival skills the shamanic way – listen to the animals, talk to the trees, know the plants, watch the sky. I learned numerology, brujeria, herbal remedies, and challenging intuitive development body control. Skills like walking in the snow with no shoes on to control the reaction my body had to the cold. Becoming more powerful than the surroundings was a lesson in empowerment. I learned that you must be stronger than what you believe, for the spirit realm is vast and has many tests, none of which are fast, each test is lengthy and devastating if failed. At fifteen I traveled to find new teachers.

An apprenticeship with a Kabbala instructor in ceremonial magic for a year started my journey in hermetics. An In-depth curriculum with Native American medicine women in Navaho medicine wheel gave me an ancient perspective on balance and health. She had learned from her grandmother. As a teenager, I would take the bus every week across Oakland California to visit my teachers. In the old times, they taught me in their kitchens and I would garden for them, we would sit and cook together after magic and ceremony. One day I gave a reading to a friend who had two macaw feathers for me. Later that year I was gifted a two-year apprentices to become a psychic who could read physical ailments and guide others in becoming healthy again. The apprenticeship included anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and herbal preparations.

After my certification as a healer, I deepened my education in the healing arts. I graduated from Southwest School of Botanical Medicine’s six-hundred-hour program in Professional Herbology. This was a comprehensive education in Anatomy and Physiology, Botanical Materia Medica, Herbal Pharmacy, Constitutional Medicine, Herbal Therapeutics, Botany, Clinicals, Wildcrafting, and Herbal Formulating. In 2003 I obtained my clinical herbalist certification. As a psychic and healer with an influence from Hermetic and Kabbala, Buddhism, and Native American Shamanic knowledge, it was starting to get real.

To support this wealth of knowledge I became a certified world religion mythology Reverend focusing on Goddess cosmology. I started my practice in my dance studio and combined my healing work into a Sacred Feminine curriculum. Somehow during this time I gained a 1600-hour life coaching certification, was awarded by a member of Congress, and started traveling leading workshops nationally. One day I wanted to know more about some of the visions the spirits were showing me. I had channeled a significant amount of work and I became a keeper of secret knowledge no one could understand. I then was guided to study Vodou. Not just any Vodou, but I was guided specifically to a person who was born and raised in a shamanic tradition that was very similar to my childhood teachings. 

My spiritual journey has continued to evolve to the present. I have opened Temple de la Luna, a mystical healing and training center, where I help others to heal and to find their spiritual journey.

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temple de la luna

About Us
Temple De La Luna

Let’s look about us as a Temple de La Luna is a growing urban sanctuary garden with healing herbs. We offer a monthly community gathering in the garden known as Misa Espiritual. Our shop is filled with thousands of sacred items for us to use in preparing handmade treatments and magic for our clients. We are recognized as a traditional spiritism house, with medium development courses, psychic readings, and quarterly public ceremonies. We value spirit and health.
Temple De La Luna

Before Visiting Temple de la luna Protocol

  • Welcome to a Sacred space. I want you to come in and be at home. Be kind and thoughtful with your words. Words have power. 
  • We are a garden sanctuary and home for the Mysteries. The Mysteries are ancient Spiritual beings whom guide, challenge, and elevate us to live better lives.
  • Some people are here for healing so we request you refrain from being critical in any way towards others. 
  • Be mindful that when you are visiting the temple it is also our spiritual home. Respect the space as you would a sacred space. 
  • Please remove shoos before entering the temple and shop. Make sure you clean after yourself and others always.
  • The temple master is to be addressed with humility and respect. Please refrain from asking questions and or talking when in her presence unless addressed by her first. 
  • You may see people kiss their hand and touch the floor before entering the sacred room. Addressing the room this way is important. 
  • Respect the elders, there is a rank system of honor and respect for those who have come before you. 
  • Offerings: It is common to bring flowers, candles for others to light and a donation. At ceremonies bring a gift for the Mystery.  
  • Volunteering is a pathway of enlightenment. We are growing and building. Please talk to the director for volunteer opportunities. 
  • During ceremony or Misa be quiet, turn off phone notifications, keep arms and legs uncrossed, we start prayer together and end together. 
  • You are welcome to read texts from our library. We also have classes and workshops for your educational enrichment
  • You are welcome to make a candle offering in the sacred room to a loved one. 
about Voodoo Spiritism

About Us
Voodoo Spiritism

Let’s learn about us as a Voodoo Spiritism. Vodoo is a religion practiced in parts of the Caribbean, especially Haiti, and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African magical rites. Combined with Spiritism, a nature-based tradition from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Voodoo Spiritism is taking on a new direction.

Voodoo Spiritism is a term emerging built by women Mambos and Priestesses initiated in the traditions. Our focus is to build bridges rather than burn them down. We believe each person has a viable and real spiritual link to their personal lineage. That lineage has a power that when tapped, creates a greater sense of direction.

Voodoo Spiritism focuses on helping people heal and live better lives. It differs from other traditions because it includes teaching from hermetic, and some Cabalistic practices, has an expanded education in Mediumship, includes practices from mystical teachings of old, and combines body awareness, health, and nutrition.

Voodoo Spiritism honors diversity, has a strict education pathway, values initiate honoring self and community, challenges ego, and helps people build a life of honor. We believe inequities are our personal responsibility to challenge and overcome. This is not a tradition of power, we are a tradition of healing and elevation of spirit and life path.