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We are an urban sanctuary offering world class psychic readings, and classes in spiritual development.

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Enjoy hermetic philosophies and shamanic nature tools to help you begin a spiritual practice. 

Embark on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Over the years we have crafted a journey that awakens, emerges, and reconnects.

1. Assessment

Your personal assessment will allow us to place you on a path that leads to the best health, love and self-empowerment for you.

2. Discovery

Receive peace and strength through soulful personal empowerment and self-paced enrichment.

3. Healing

Clear away anxiety and depression, overcome fatigue, be whole and complete. Lay back and relax as you enjoy sacred celebrations that work on your spirit, body and life.

Life Changing Offers

No matter where you are in your life journey, we have a product to improve your life.


Your spiritual journey starts here.


The first step into your personal empowerment journey.


Use spiritual, emotional, and physical remedies for balance.


Reset your life path.


Resolve life issues with the art of magic.


Meet your head spirit and guides.

What our customers are saying

At Spiritual Teachers Voodoo, we transform lives. Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

"I highly recommend Priestess Shoshana for her work and services!”

“I highly recommend Priestess Shoshana for her work and services! Also, her book “Watch Me Thrive” is such a wonderful book and as well a wonderful resource for anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Priestess Shoshana writes in a easy to understand and well knowledge step-by-step guided for helping you on this journey you will be on. I highly recommend this book to my own customers and clients. Thank you for this beautiful piece of work you have created.”

Amanda Keith

"Insights that aligned perfectly with my health history and past”

I experienced a reading with the lovely Shoshana last night.
First, I want to start be saying that her space is absolutely beautiful and welcoming. You can feel the love that she pours into her temple. I was very at ease and open.

She began by addressing something to me that I have carried with me since the age of 13, and she nailed it on how it was affecting my life.
She went in to talk about my current work place, and then lover. She was on point with everything. I don’t really give myself away during readings. I’ve had multiple readers tell me I’m very hard to read..
And I am. I’m very protected, as well as not very open in general.

The most shocking to me, is when she told me about a secret of mine that was done recently, and it was super random and not anything that one could just guess at.

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Shoshana for your readings. She’s amazing at her craft 🖤

Tracy Penokie - Witches Market

Whether you are in need of love, success, protection, or spiritual guidance, Spiritual Teachers Voodoo is the answer to your prayers!

Greetings to all seekers who are ready to see positive results from authentic spiritual work in Florida and Georgia. For those who do not know, my name is Doktor Lucifer, New York City’s Top Rated Voodoo Priest and Master Kabbalist. And as an elder and high priest within the Obeah Secret Societies of the Caribbean and New York, I am here to say to whoever needs to hear this message that Spiritual Teachers Voodoo is the best place to look for accurate psychic readings and real voodoo spells that work fast. If you are seeking guidance and answers to life’s most pressing questions, look no further than the Ancient Serpent Power that is the magical essence of Spiritual Teachers Voodoo. These talented practitioners have many years of experience and expertise in the age-old practice of Voodoo Spiritualism, and are experts at using their occult abilities to offer insightful clairvoyant readings, powerful witch spells, and transformative healing. Whether you are in need of love, success, protection, or spiritual guidance, Spiritual Teachers Voodoo is the answer to your prayers!

Doktor Lucifer

Meet the Priestess

Shoshana des Chenes


“I believe every soul is unique. How we individually connect to the divine and what the divine is to us varies greatly. As there are hundreds of thousands of deities, there are also hundreds of thousands of ways spirit reaches us. I believe the knowledge people seek is within themselves. With an understanding of how to tap into this energy, purpose can be cultivated from raw power into a refined art.”

Health Consultant

Spirit Worker

Priestess & Coach

Tune into our podcast to learn more about how we are helping people across the globe.

Spiritual Teachers Voodoo offers a weekly Sunday podcast Service for alternative listeners. We are a Lunar Temple of African Traditional Religions with a background and deep respect for Ceremonial Magic, Kabbala, Wicca, Hermetics and Shamanism. Enjoy a Sunday Service and teachings on magic and spiritual development that goes beyond.

A Mambo podcast is dedicated to inspiring the love and integrity of being a Spirit Worker. With teachings, interviews and personal tools. We are creating deep and intelligent conversations about the spirit realm and the power of belief.

Watch Me Thrive

Enjoy one of the most engaging self-help books with magic and spiritual practices. Available on Amazon.

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