Heal with Ceremonies

Elevate with our Ceremonies, an intercut ritual art performed to inspire healing and spiritual elevation. Be embraced within herbal baths, ceremonial songs, healing remedies, powders, and root magic performed by a dedicated Vodou priestess who can conjure the divine.

Clarity Lamp, healing ceremony

Healing Ceremony

A healing ceremony is a ritual aimed at restoring well-being, involving elements like chanting, prayer, and herbal remedies. Rooted in Voodoo Spiritism traditions, it creates a sacred space for participants to connect with higher powers or natural energies, fostering feelings of renewal and inner peace.

open roads ceremony

Open Roads Ceremony

An open roads ceremony is a ritual to clear obstacles and invite opportunities, using actions like sweeping, incense, and prayers. It aims to remove barriers and create a path for success, helping participants feel empowered and optimistic.

Black Magic Curse Removal Ceremony,

Black Magic Curse Removal Ceremony

A Black Magic Curse Removal Ceremony is a ritual to dispel negative influences or curses. It involves protective prayers, cleansing herbs or incense, and invoking spiritual entities to restore balance and peace.

Love Magic Ceremony

Love Magic Ceremony

A Love Magic Ceremony is a ritual to attract or enhance romantic relationships, using candles, herbs, and incantations. Rooted in Voodoo Spiritism traditions, it aims to manifest love and deepen connections.

Prosperity Ceremony

Prosperity Ceremony

A Prosperity Ceremony is a ritual to attract wealth and abundance using symbols like coins and candles, along with prayers and affirmations. Rooted in Voodoo Spiritism, it aims to invite positive energy and financial growth.

Protection Ceremony

Protection Ritual Ceremony

A Protection Ritual Ceremony shields individuals or spaces from harm using sacred objects, prayers, and visualizations. Rooted in Voodoo Spiritism, it fosters a sense of security and promotes well-being.

Karma Clearing Ceremony

Karma Clearing Ceremony

A Karma Clearing Ceremony releases negative karma and promotes spiritual healing through prayers, meditation, and symbolic actions, fostering inner peace and alignment with one’s higher purpose.

ancestral elevation ceremony, develop a stronger connection, Spiritual teachers voodoo, temple de la luna, scarfs,

Ancestral Elevation Ceremony

An Ancestral Elevation Ceremony honors deceased ancestors through prayers, offerings, and rituals, fostering a connection to lineage and seeking guidance and blessings from ancestral energies.

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Spiritual Healing Courses

Spiritual discipline courses and exercises designed to attain proficiency in the wealth of Vodou Services. This vast undertaking opens the gates to the spirits who guide you. We offer a clear pathway for these education services through mentorship.

the beginner course

The Beginner Course

Attain self-realization through altar work, prayer, shamanic invocations, intuitive development, and practices in mediation. 

The advanced course

The Advanced Course

Attaining higher guidance from spirit guides. A comprehensive mythos of the spiritual planes as recognized by traditional Vodou secret societies. Initiatory archives.

Becoming a master course

Becoming a Master Course

Building a personal connection to the Lwa. Rituals and meditations for invoking and stabilizing illumination and enlightenment. Cosmology and Mythology.