Developing a Stronger Connection

Three things you can do to develop your connection.

1. Clear your space

Spirits are a frequency; they radiate a field and will attract to like energy fields. Because spirit is our access to divine nature, and nature’s access to us is spirit, it is essential you know, connect with, and hear the guidance of your spirits. Yes, you are not alone and can never be. You are made up of spirit and spirit is also made up of you. We are connected. Much like an energy circuit, the spirits’ purpose is served when they reach a destination and plug into a device to serve the device. Imagine an energy power plant. It is huge and if you tried to touch it you would die. So, the energy is filtered into main wires for distribution all over the city. These main wires are directed into smaller wires that go throughout your home and even smaller wires that make a wall jack. You can plug a device into the wall jack and receive an electrical current just for you to use.

The unlimited power drawn into the power plant is the divine nature. The power plant is raw nature energetic or pure spirit. The main wires are mysteries and allies, the energy current. The smaller wires are spirits and guides who serve the current in teeny tiny ways which can be utilized. These spirits and guides are able to transmit this infinite life force to you in a safe and useful way. They create the energy of a space.

Trying to plug directly into the power plant is a bad idea. This is one of the mistakes people on spiritual exploration often try to do. Your guides and spirits help communicate the great spirit’s nature to you in little ways that can heal and balance the mind, body and even soul. This process of creating a connection takes time and dedication.

Begin with creating a clear sacred space for these spirits and guides to find you. Light a candle to build heat to attract the guide, place items next to your candle that are sacred to you and charge the items by heating them up over the flame. Sage or incense the room to create an avenue for the spirits to see you. Wash the floor with herbs to honor the guides. Throw salt to wick up old stale energy. REMOVE CLUTTER from your home! Negativity resides in clutter. Clear, clear, clear.

2. Raise the energy

A clear space is cool but will fill back up with commonality immediately unless the energy is elevated. Elevating the energy will help give you a place of calmness and sanctuary to be in while connecting. This is important for clearing your mind, resting your heart and relaxing your body. If you have heard this before, so what, try it again. This time do it right. Ring bells from the floor up to elevate the sound frequency. Sound is energy, you must move sound up to elevate the space. Bring water in. Water conducts electricity and neutralizes the electromagnetic field. Either sprinkle sacred water, pour a bowl of water or use a fountain. Regular water will get mucked up with energy fast; it must be spiritually purified for the elevating to work.

Lastly pray out loud to bring in life force to elevate the space. If you know how to bring in the life force, then do. If not, prayer is a good start. Prayer must be out loud; the spirit needs to hear your sound frequency. Spirit does not like begging, pleading or pussyfooting. Be straight, direct, command!

3. Contain the space

Now you can stabilize the work you have done by containing the space. Do this by creating a field. Here are a couple of good ways to do so. Place four items, one in each corner of the room, to hold the energy. These items will need to be cleared from time to time by being soaked in salt water. I personally like creating a circle encompassing the space. This can be done with salt, herbs, cornmeal or any other grain, mineral or herb. Find something you have an affinity for. These items have been used for thousands of years and they work! Every time you clear and elevate the energy, it builds on the previous work you have done. Now, you are ready to bring the spirit to you. Listen, breath, relax, and focus on feeling the energy current.

If you notice this does not work for you, you probably have a negative spirit or entity sabotaging the work. To clear this requires the gifted and trained hand of a spirit worker. Do not be surprised by the number of untrained and non-initiated people advertising themselves as “spirit workers.” Utilize caution when hiring someone to help you. Find a person who gives you a bit of the heebee-geebeez, but who also seems sweet and kind. This means they know something you do not and it is hidden. That is a good sign. Spirit work is not all light and fluffy. There is a reason the mysteries, for thousand of years, where kept hidden and safe in temples away from manipulators and ego dwellers.

Clear your space, raise the energy and contain the space.These three things will enhance your connection with spirit.

Many blessings!

Priestess Shoshana Des Chenes

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