Women's Work

Women’s Work

Women’s work is about identifying the convoluted emotions women project on people. In a women’s circle, these emotions usually will go unchallenged or will be denied clear listening.

Women’s Work

Women’s work is about identifying the convoluted emotions women project on people.

In a women’s circle, these emotions usually will go unchallenged or will be denied clear listening.

Clear listening comes from a leader who knows the emotional depth women have. Because this is largely misunderstood, leaders will either lead women through men’s work or through a morass of emotional clustering doing nothing except perpetuating emotional wounding and victimhood.

I am a leader in women’s work. I have worked with women between the ages of 15 to 75. All women need emotional clearing, balancing, and straightening to change the pattern of using their emotions to dominate, manipulate, and distort responsibility.

Here are a few guidelines to know:

Women’s integrity is defined as... aligning the higher self with inner intention with the deed. This is the higher will or higher self-connected to personal truth. Words and actions are guided by the higher self. All parts of the being aligned, intentions words, and actions guided by purpose. This is an art and takes training, guidance, and teaching to attain. Because so much has to do with integrity, it is important to see how a woman’s integrity works. It is not just honoring the word, it is knowing what to honor, saying it, and living it.

Women’s ability to be effective in the world germinates from their intuition. Not the type of intuition known as feeling, but rather a deep practice developed through guidance teachings and dedication to knowing truth from programmed belief. This is difficult to attain. Women leading women in listening to body feelings and subtle feelings should stop. It is like giving someone a scalpel after a two-week class and telling them to cut, “go on you can perform surgery, its natural, your guidance will show you the way”. This is wrong. Intuition is an art, an art that leads to mastering effectiveness and life purpose.

Women when healed can love deeply without entanglement. Mastering relationships begins with honoring boundaries, both personal ones and others. Boundaries must be communicated. Most women believe love is giving one’s self over to their partner by loving unconditionally or by giving something to them. But nothing comes for free. Women do this knowing that they are setting up their loved one to “give back”. This is disappointing when the woman does not get back what she gave. This is manipulation, a way to receive from their partner. Be suspicious, notice this impulse to give, and try to see where you stopped caring for yourself and began to need something from your partner and then began to give to get what you need.

Women take energy. Unless a woman is connected to her own life source, she will try to get it from others. Women can be draining, needy, and depleted. Women leading women’s work need to teach women to connect to their own life force for energy. This is a foundational practice but difficult to do in a group. Women have a way of making the group the “source” of energy. So, they love the women’s group but their life still blocked. If you really want to help a woman, have her begin to locate her independent connection to life source while learning to be in a group. This will challenge a woman’s need to be interdependent, care or hook into others. Groups are amazing places to bring women into connection with themselves but not as a crutch.

Lastly as written on the opening statement of this page: Women’s work is about identifying the convoluted emotions women project on people. Sometimes it is difficult to know emotions from intuition, if the emotions are balanced this changes dramatically. Intuition is pure knowing, emotions can be convoluted with needs, traumas, and desires. A projection is a way to see the internal displayed on the external. A person, situation, or environment can reflect back to the projector some hidden belief inconsistent with personal truth. The hidden belief is frightening, so when viewed externally in a reflection, the women will dislike what they see. Yet, it is simply reflecting for her what she has yet to accept about herself. This is healing. Teaching women to identify what is a reflection and what boundaries need to be communicated is the key to female empowerment, healthy relations, and a life lived from truth.

Congratulations for taking another step toward your dream of being a fully embodied woman! Or, a man who knows the feminine nature!

Shoshana Ananda, Sacred Feminine Program leader

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