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You are about to embark on a journey where Spiritual Teachers Voodoo meets your spiritual quest. Here you will exit the physical and enter the spiritual realm, where you will find happiness and joy inside yourself.  


A private sect of individuals that remain secret
$ 3,500 Monthly Payment
  • Includes Initiations and access to all Ceremonies
  • Includes any Misa and Event
  • Monthly Payment
  • Lifetime Access

One Time Membership

1 Payment
$ 3,300 One-Time Payment
  • For a First-Level Initiation
  • 1 Payment
  • Lifetime Access

Monthly Membership

9 monthly payments of $999
$ 999 Monthly
  • For Spiritual Healing Courses
  • 9 Monthly Payments
  • Lifetime Access

Weekly Membership

$ 250 Weekly
  • For Spiritual Healing Courses
  • With this membership, you will get continued access, go from one course to another, and continue learning as you grow.
  • Lifetime Access