Working with the Spring

Three ways Spring can help you

It is Spring now as we have just passed the vernal equinox on March 20, 2013. As the energy in the Earth flows upward, we begin to wake up feeling this new energy reaching into our bodies. The way we connect to the life force is through the Earth.

Life force is the energy behind all matter, moving through every level of life, from element, to plant, to animal, to spirit, to mysteries, to Goddess, God, and the divine infinite.

This is the connecting factor, like dark matter, the life force is everywhere and nowhere all at once, pulsing in and out of time and moving throughout atoms and forming galaxies. On our planet this force can be increased and transferred into our bodies through touching the Earth in different ways.

Here are some simple ways to enhance the movement of life force in your body this Spring clearing the old, awakening the new, and reconnecting you.

1. Touch the Earth

By touching the ground, old stagnant energy can move out as new life force moves in. When we work with spirit, the offerings are always given to the trees, the rivers, the roads or the ground, because we must make actual contact with the power of nature to transfer our communication to the spirit realm.

If you need strength, go to a tree and talk. If you need new pathways, go to the roads. If you need clarity, the river. If you need love, go to the ocean. The mind is one of our most powerful tools when acting in accordance to the laws of spirit. These actions mentally shift patterned thinking into a complex symbiotic interaction with life force, necessary for belief. Without belief, magic is dust in the wind. Pour yourself into your environment and allow her to fill you with her magic. This is why we work as magicians, to reform our minds to become vessels for spirit, not determined by mind.

2. Rip something up

Get rid of the old feelings, emotions, energies, sorrows. Even happiness can be interchanged for new life force. Get a flower and rip it to shreds. Move hurt into the petals then throw it into the water so it flows away from you. Crush grain while talking about unresolved issues and let the frustration move into the work, grinding until your hands hurt. This will push the unresolved feelings into the grain. Then toss it to the wind and let the spirits resolve it for you. Use the forces you have in your environment to co-create with the spirit and with nature.

3. Plant

This is a good way to establish new dreams and ideas. Holding the intention of your thoughts as you dig and remove dirt from the ground. Watering the plant and taking care of the plant builds the belief in your intentions. This is good to do in the springtime because the life force gently returning to below will help build the strength in your intention and imbue the plant with power.

If all this does not help you, you can always receive help from a priestess or priest. This is what we are here for.


Shoshana Des Chenes, Sanse Vodou priestess

Affiliate of the International Vodou Society


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