Being a Student

being a student

My inspiration this month is Shamanism… I would like to inspire you. You are the focus, you are learning, you will pay to receive and then take what you have learned and sell it. I would like to inspire you to be a different kind of student. A Shamanic student.

Being a Mambo

being a mambo

I am going to tell you a truth about the most secret and precious aspect of spirit work. Every day I wake up and meet the new day by the side of my spirits, in the altar room with a cup of coffee and the soft candle light drawing in the new sun onto the sacred items I have for the spirits. I take a deep breath and feel the sunlight renewing my life force for this day, a day I am grateful for.

A Warrior

A warior

In our tradition we battle. Life is not a simple exchange of energies. It is calculated. With each interaction, we choose to balance the natural forces for the evolution at hand. This calculation requires a complete